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Meet the Team

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Tight & Experienced Team

WTS was founded with the idea of becoming a profitable work for hire studio creating games on any platform. This was achieved in only 3 months by landing work with high profile clients the likes of Kwalee, Way Forward, and Visa. We were able to achieve this level of success so quickly for a couple reasons, but the standout factor is our talented team. We’re a small team of 5 who can create a full game from start to finish because we possess all the necessary tools in house. From game design, concept art, programming, animation, and 3D we cover all the bases. This is a company that’s only 3 years old, but our team has been over 10 years in the making. And our team can do damn near anything.


WTS is a Unity house, and we have been working with Unity for over 10 years. Among many things, this gives us the ability to work on games ranging from the smallest of hyper casual mobile games, to large AAA next gen console titles. We’ve been part of the development for many genres of gaming, and have collectively over 40 years of experience. With future growth in mind we’re only going to get stronger and more creative.


Chuck the Muck, Jiggle Watts, Halos, and Little Bigfoot are copyrights of Kiz Studios, Inc.

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