Just 4 Talented Dudes in a Garage

Working Title Studios has been in the making for 10 years. And before you do a quick Google search to fact check that, let me clarify. Two of us started working at a previous studio, while the other two came into that same studio a few years later. Since then we've worked together on multiple game titles, during which we've honed our team down to a well oiled machine. We've failed together and succeeded together. We're a small team by choice and from experience. Even though we're only 4 guys, we've worked on everything from mid-core, casual, and hyper-casual games. Now we're on our own, utilizing the skills and knowledge we've developed with a combined 30 years experience. This isn't the end of this story, just the beginning.


Jeez that's corny, but hey... at least it's ours.


Chuck the Muck, Jiggle Watts, Halos, and Little Bigfoot are copyrights of Kiz Studios, Inc.